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The cast iron balusters are weldable to steel as they are made from spherical graphit cast iron and easily weldable using a cast iron to steel welding rod.

Steel Balustrading

We have 1000's of different design in balustrading, balcony railings, gates and many more different and unusual pieces, below are just a sample of what we stock.

Replacement Balustrading

These balusters whether cast iron or steel could be used for your existing staircase, balcony and even change the look of your existing staircase internal or external. Replacement baluster can be made to replace that broken or missing one around or in your property and we can even copy that unusual or old pattern that you might have.


 Product Code CSG 404 CSG 407 CSG 408 CSG 409 CSG 410 CSG 489
Height (mm) 1000 1050 1050 1025 1050 1000
Width (mm) 170 110 75 165 175 130

 Product Code CSG 492 CSG 497 CSG 499 CSG 501 CSG 504 CSG 693
Height (mm) 995 1000 1000 982 1000 900
Width (mm) 120 80 195 197 20 135

Product Code
CSG 631 CSG 645 CSG 640 CSG 7121
Height (mm)
Width (mm)


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